Cosplay is not solely about becoming your favorite character from a franchise in emulating them. Many cosplayers choose their cosplays by doing things which challenge their creativity and push their limits. One such cosplayer who is always looking to expand her skillset and do something new with every cosplay is Waifuenergy, who also goes by Kay. When asked about the cosplay she was the most proud of at the time, she stated it to be her Naruto sexy jutsu cosplay, a character the community has dubbed “Naruko”. 

Cosplaying pushes the limit of creativity

Starting off, I asked Kay why she was the most proud of Naruko. She stated it was because of the character’s design. “I saw it and really wanted to challenge myself to try and make something like that, as I had never fully handmade a costume before”. Looking at the cosplay, one would think it would be extremely difficult. How do you create the effect of smokey clouds to follow you around and cover your spicy parts all day. To my surprise, Kay said it was rather easy. All she had to do was take tufts of cotton and superglue them to an article of clothing that she would be wearing right there. So no, she’s not actually naked.

“It was super fun winging the whole thing without watching any tutorials or anything. It tested the limits of my creativity and made me realize that I can do any cosplay that I put my mind to, and has really driven me to keep making more creative cosplays and pushing my limits.”

Inspired by Naruto

One of the most interesting parts of the conversation I had with Kay was how she felt overall about the series Naruto. Naruto is one of the most popular manga ever published in Shonen Jump, having sold in the top 10 for manga sales globally. It currently has an ongoing series called Boruto which is about his son, and is known for its amazing action choreography. To that point, Kay stated she was not too interested in the fights of Naruto. The only time she ever gets interested in fights is if she’s truly invested in the characters partaking in them. “I thought a lot of the fights were unsurprising and lackluster to be honest, but it was mainly because I didn’t care for the characters involved…If a show doesn’t have characters I particularly enjoy then I don’t see a point in watching it.” Even with that said, there are many characters in Naruto Kay absolutely loves, including Sakura, Kankuro, Sasori, and Kakashi, most of whom she has also cosplayed. 

It should come as no surprise when I say Kay’s two favorite arcs are where most of her favorite characters are introduced. Her favorites arcs are the chunin exam arc and favorite fights are the ones which have the akatsuki face off against her favorite characters. “Chunin exams because I’m a slut for meeting new characters and for tournament arcs 😭 akatsuki arc because you meet literally all of the best characters in it, have some of the best fights, and dramatization in the show.” She has also stated they are her favorites because it has less Sasuke in it. Her favorite fights are Sakura versus Sasori, Shikamaru versus Hidan and many of the tailed beasts.

While the story of Naruto and Kurama may be over, new fans are still enjoying the series by choosing to pick it up the way Waifuenergy has, and some old fans have continued to watch and read its successor Boruto. If you want to know more about Naruto and what makes these cast of characters and dangerous villains so captivating, please follow the link here to purchase the manga volumes to the story. 

Connect with Kay!

Waifuenergy is a cosplay out of the Central Florida area. She got into anime and cosplay within the last 5 years and has fallen in love with the medium and hobby very quickly. She has been part of many anime groups in the area and currently leads her own known as Anime Vibes. They are a 21+ Anime Group doing local meet ups as well as collaborating on cosplay and photoshoots together. Waifuenergy also has her own endeavors and pursuits such as having brand deals with companies such as UniqueStyles. You can follow her socials by clicking the link here and support her businesses.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you all enjoyed learning more about Naruto, Cosplaying, and Waifuenergy, and for making us your Otaku Hub.