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A mere dream for many people is a reality for others. Many anime fans long to have a partner they can cosplay with. Just how some people find cosplaying to be fun, many would argue that it is much more fun to cosplay with a partner or in a group. There is something to be said about engaging in the thing you love with people you love. Most find it challenging to even find a partner who is as passionate about anime as they are, but there are couples like the Bandage Brigade, whose interests are so aligned they can actually run a business together. Couple cosplays are the sought after hobby for many in the cosplay community. I’ve had the fortunate chance to meet two cosplayers cosplay together for the upcoming series Chainsaw Man set to release tomorrow, 10/11!

Enter: Wreck it Ronnie and Himbro, who cosplayed Makima and Denji, respectively.

The first thing I inquired about was what inspired them to do a joint Chainsaw Man cosplay to begin with. I myself had not even read it prior to the interview, and the anime had yet to release, so they definitely had the foresight to see that this was going to be a popular series. Ronnie says she already knew Chainsaw Man was going to be popular, well ahead of the curve, once it was finally released. Also, she just really likes Makima. Most importantly perhaps though, she was not going to pass up the opportunity to walk around with her boyfriend on a leash. “Fun duo cosplay. I get to put him on a leash – how fun”. Himbro expressed similar sentiments. “I kinda knew that CSM was going to be a big hit just based off of the Studio that is creating it.  I personally really like trying to do things before they get crazy big and the reception from it has been amazing.”

They were right to think Chainsaw Man was going to be super popular. It’s been the most highly anticipated anime of the fall (via MyAnimeList.net). The series has just a little over 100 chapters and is written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It follows the journey of Denji, who ends up with the heart of a devil after making a contract with it. Thus, he is reborn as Chainsaw Man and lives his life as a devil hunter. Chainsaw Man has 15 million manga volumes in circulation despite having only released 11 manga volumes. For comparison, Black Clover has about the same number of manga volumes in circulation with a 170 episode anime adaptation, and 32 manga volumes. Manga sales not only increase, but tend to skyrocket after the anime adaptation is released, so the sales are projected to increase even further. Mappa, the studio behind Attack on Titan season 4 and Jujutsu Kaisen, will be adapting the series. The action in the series is phenomenal, being of high caliber from start to finish, and the psychological themes are unprecedented. “I love how dark and forward the world in CSM is.”, per Himbro. Ronnie followed up, saying “I love crazy femme fatales. Especially when it’s not something you see right away.”

When asked how their relationship parallels Denji and Makima, the first answer I got was a bit too much of a spoiler. Essentially, it was stated in many ways it is not similar to their own, but the power dynamic aspects are for certain there. “Our relationship is only similar in to theirs in the fact that I am in love and obsessed with Ronnie but besides that we’re honestly more like Denji and Power – we just aren’t as dumb. We share 2 brain cells and rub them together sometimes.” Unlike the dynamic where Denji is completely submissive to Makima, there is more give and take – although Ronnie admitted to being a bit more of a control freak. This is fine with Himbro, as he says his favorite part about wearing the cosplay was getting to be walked on while wearing a leash. 

Ronnie’s favorite was a bit different: “We filmed a little Chainsaw Man video trailer in a mall parking garage and security rolled up on us covered in fake blood a few times very concerned – very funny to me.” Despite how hilarious this scenario sounds, the official trailer for Chainsaw Man is everything but hilarious. There’s horror, gore, suspense, and it embodies the classification of psychological thriller. They added a bit more spice to it as well, and if you like the image above, have more content like that if you go to their social media pages.

 Chainsaw Man is released bi-weekly on the Shonen Jump+ App, but if you are looking for physical copies, please go ahead and use our link here to purchase the manga volumes straight from Books A Million. While you are supporting Chainsaw Man and its official release, please be sure to also support Ronnie and Himbro as well. If you follow them on twitter, tune in to the twitter space they hold every Wednesday morning at 7AM PST called “WhutevaWednesdays”. They “Talk Shit” and joke around while also simping for 2D and 3D characters in a group environment and are genuinely having fun. 

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you all enjoyed learning more about Chainsaw Man, Wreck it Ronnie and Himbro, and cosplaying. Thank you for making us your Otaku Hub.