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Having a large and eccentric fandom comes with the territory of being the manga series with the most sold volumes ever. Boasting probably the most colorful cast of characters, a very distinct art style, and one of the most distinguished and well built fantasy settings in modern media, One Piece is a beloved fan favorite within the anime community. So it’s no surprise almost every convention hall is filled with cosplays from the beloved series. A fan favorite character from the series is Nico Robin, and the cosplay in question was done by SenpaiiSierra.

SenpaiiSierra is a cosplayer in the anime community with a following of nearly 10k. She has done multiple cosplays over the years, but she stated her favorite cosplay, the one where she felt the most connected to the character, is Nico Robin.

“I feel like just her backstory is really well written. [More] than any other female character,” Sierra said.

Sierra praised Nico Robin for not only being an intellectual but also her perseverance, as she chooses to live despite the adversities and horrors she faces. 

Nico Robin is one of the more tragic characters in the One Piece universe too. Since a child, all she wanted to do was be an archaeologist who studied the history of the world and learned what happened during the 100 year gap known as the Void Century. Being one of the only people alive on the planet that can decipher ancient writings left from that time in history, she has been hunted by the world government for 20 years. However, even with the world wishing for her death she chooses to live and enjoy life amongst her friends and pursue her goal of learning the truth of the Void Century.

The connection with Robin did not stop there. Nico Robin is also, by far, one of the most gorgeous women in anime and SenpaiiSierra agrees stating she is “One of the baddest”. In order to capture this beauty, and essence of Nico Robin, SenpaiiSierra did more than simply put on the outfit. While the cosplay was not handcrafted, She wore makeup that gave a tropical vibe in order to match her outfit. Nico Robin is also known for carrying herself in a very carefree and nonchalant manner so while not stoic, her expressions were mostly soft and gentle rather than exaggerated like most One Piece characters. Once the outfit was on, SenpaiiSierra felt just like her. One experience which stood out the most was when she was speaking to a vendor at Dreamcon, someone told her “Oh my gosh, you’re exactly what I’d imagine Robin to look like”.

The story of One Piece by Eichiro Oda may not be about Nico Robin specifically, but she is by far one of the most important characters in the manga/anime. As Luffy journeys across the grand line in order to find the One Piece, he will need to read the ancient text left behind from those from the Void Century and his crewmate Nico Robin can do just that. If you want to know more about the story of Nico Robin, Luffy and the rest of the characters in One Piece, please follow the link here to purchase the manga volumes to the story. Also, if you want to see more from SenpaiiSierra, you can follow her on Twitter and/or Instagram for cosplay content, or follow her business @otakumetics for a better understanding of her anime make-up. Otakumetics is an anime inspired cosmetics line where she is both the creative director and founder.

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