Who are you?

Hubtaku (stylized as “HBTKU”) is a subsidiary to our parent company, The Creative Folks. Our mission is to become a centralized hub to connect content creators, corporations, and subculture fans. Our community work and content are focused on empowering, promoting, and collaborating with community members.

What is your community work?

Through content creation, we created series where we regularly collaborate and partner with community members to spotlight and promote their work.

Nimbus Narrative – An in-depth, written interview about your favorite content creators and companies.

Otaku Log – Comprises different sub series that touch on: con reviews, cosplayers, mangakas/authors/comics, anime-focused businesses.

Air It Out – A weekly show where you get to hear your favorite creators talk their talk! Get to know them on a deeper level and the type of work they’re doing in the community.

Chapter One – A monthly review and recommendation on some of the most underrated mangas, webtoons, manhwas–you name it! Have a piece you’d like us to review? Send us an email!

What are your services?

⭐ Establish Connections Between Creators and Corporations

⭐ Convention Reviews & Press

⭐ Media Kit Designs

⭐ Logo & Branding Development

⭐ Brand Consultations

⭐ Creator Press & Advertisement

(Written Interviews, Video Interviews, Manga Reviews)

⭐ Influencer Hub / Talent Management

Who are your partners & affiliates?

Long-term, we are currently partnered with ihatevonny, Black Anime Podcasts, ASIFA South, Books-a-Million, Black Ramen Podcast, and Worst Generation Productions.

Our long-term partners are companies and creators who leverage us to be a bridge between creators and their dreams. If you would like to be a partner, please email us your pitch! 

How do you work with your partners & affiliates?

Our long-term partners work with us on a regular basis from consultations, advertisements, brand engagements, monetary sponsorships, etc., to benefit both parties, or we create opportunities within the community together.

Do you sponsor creators?

We currently do not sponsor creators outside of our Influencer Hub & partners. They receive the highest priority when it comes to our events, engagements, and opportunities.

Influencer Hub

What is the Influencer Hub?

Our Influencer Hub is our database of creators and influencers we have working relationships with to bring opportunities to them. As a company with a large network of brands, businesses, and relationships, we intend to bridge them to our Influencer Hub to further expand each creator’s reach.

Is the Influencer Hub free to join?

The Influencer Hub’s first recruitment period was free to join. We are now closed off to ensure we can serve those influencers effectively. If you’d like to be on the waitlist, please submit your info here. (PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE A READILY AVAILABLE MEDIA KIT FOR CONSIDERATION OF ENTRY. Those without media kits may request our services for one prior to entry to the Influencer Hub.)

How can I get involved as a business with your influencers?

We’re delighted! Please send us a detailed summary of your opportunity and what kind of influencers you are seeking. Email us!

Supporting Hubtaku

What if I just want to support you guys but I’m not a creator or influencer?

Not a creator or influencer? No problem! Support comes in many forms. Following us on our socials, retweeting, sharing, and liking our content are the easiest ways to show your support! Recommending our services and spreading the word are also just as effective.

I am a creator, how can I work with HBTKU?

The best way to work with us is via our Influencer Hub. However if you are seeking our services, please reach out to us via email with your ask. 

I am a business, how can I work with HBTKU?

Email us your pitch and we would love to set up a call to chat! Email us!

Does HBTKU take sponsorships?

Yes, our team is open to content sponsorships, company wide sponsorships, and press sponsorships. Email us!