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2022 Projects

Logo Design for 10 Pounds Productions

Ajani is a Long Island local photographer who gave HBTKU the opportunity to create his first logo for his brand.

HBTKU x Toastymarshmellow

We partnered w/ @toastymarshmellow to giveaway @AnimeNYC 2022 tickets! 

HBTKU x Black Ramen Podcast

We partnered w/ @blackramenpodcast to giveaway @AnimeNYC 2022 tickets!

Media Kit for Ashton Zala

Ashton is the founder of Black Anime Podcasts, a website, platform, and directory for Black Anime and Manga podcasts. Follow Ash here!

Media Kit for @Jayleetrey

Johnie is a content creator who is involved with multi-fandom communities and creates conversations beyond casual anime watching.

DreamCon 2022

Our team travels to DreamCon in Texas to visit the one of a kind convention by creators for creators. Re-live DreamCon moments with us!

Bright Ring Foundation

Hubtaku collaborates with Bright Ring Foundation in Atlanta by creating digital pieces, which were showcased in their Anime Art Show for 2022.

Momocon 2022

Our team travels to Momocon in Atlanta to support local cosplayers, businesses, and create fun content. Re-live Momocon moments with us!


Hubtaku is a proud business sponsor for ASIFA-South the official Animation Organization representing South Eastern US, headquartered in Atlanta.