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“Yanki” is an anime genre referring to stories which center delinquents or Japanese gang culture. While many anime protagonists are delinquents themselves, their stories do not fit into the genre. Yusuke, Bakugo and Oga Tatsumi are all characters who work as gangsters or delinquents but their stories don’t delve into the culture of gangs and the drama that comes with it. However, an anime released in 2021 gained massive popularity for drawing attention to the relatively obscure genre at this point. Tokyo Revengers follows protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki who gains the power to go back in time. After his middle school crush is killed by a gang he goes into the past to find the killer and prevent it from happening. Thus, Takemichi joins the gang Toman and befriends the fan favorite character Mikey. 

Today we’re introducing Akashi Tee, also known as bodiedbyteecosplays” on social media, who recently got into cosplay. They always had an appreciation for the art and love in the community, but did not have the funds, nor confidence to start cosplaying. To see more of their cosplays, follow them on: Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. When asked about their favorite cosplay, they replied quickly with a Mikey cosplay they purchased from AliExpress. “I just absolutely love his character and how dedicated he is to lead Toman.” Akashi says.

Why Tokyo Revengers?

Akashi let us know that there is a shared connection between them and Mikey, who deals with a series of losses in his story and carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.  The shounen genre has a reputation for not killing characters, but the story has killed off several characters close to Mikey including family members and close friends. With everyone near Mikey perishing, he makes a decision to push everyone close to him away in order to keep them safe from his life. His dark impulses begin to take over, he becomes corrupted, and the show turns into the unfolding of a good character who falls into despair and is consumed by the darkness. While one could say it’s unfortunate any person we know would relate to these aspects, Akashi says they’re inspired by how his story unfolds and develops as he cared for the ones he loves and that perspective itself is endearing. 

Is Tokyo Revengers For You?

Akashi’s favorite thing about Tokyo Revengers is the constant thrill it supplies. The manga is an exciting story filled with suspense and danger. The characters are very human-like with superhuman abilities, and the threat of death always leaves people on the edge as they wonder what will happen next and worry for the safety of these children. Each character is unique not just in design, but also personality. The cast is varied and versatile, offering characters a plethora of people to connect and fall in love with. “Takemichis willingness to be there for everyone who he loves/cares for and protects them,” is a strong reason why Akashi recommends Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers is currently available as a manga and anime, however with only one season out, you’ll have to catch the rest of his story in the manga to see his story unfold. The anime is streaming now on Crunchyroll and you can purchase the manga through Books-a-Million

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